Low Sugar Horse Treats


A Serious Treat with a Playful Name

Buckin’ Good Brownie Bites™ Low Sugar, Low Starch Horse Treats.

Enjoyed by all horses, but designed specifically for those with Metabolic issues (Insulin Resistance, Cushing's, PSSM, etc.), obesity, ulcers and other conditions triggered by high sugar, high starch diets.  

Veterinarian and farrier recommended.

Treat Safely Without the Worry

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TheraPlate Sports Therapy


TheraPlate is a revolutionary, rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports conditioning platform.

Proven to counter the effects of chronic inflammation conditions, speed healing, reduce pain, and aid in the prevention of injury.

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Equi FLEX Sports Massage


Equi FLEX Equine Sports Massage  helps bring out the best in your performance horse through proven, state-of-the art bodywork focused on muscle maintenance and injury prevention. 

Your horses health is our top priority.    

Feeling their best allows them to perform their best each and every ride. 

 Experience the difference a massage can make, one relaxed muscle at a time

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